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In 2017 we were having awful issues with our calves. It seemed like they had every conceivable illness going and we were putting in an exhausting effort to try and find the source of these while trying to cure the calves and we were getting nowhere. It was a demoralising situation to be in. Our vet placed us in contact with Martin and together they went through our full protocol on-farm from pre-calving up to weaning. With all our cards on the table, Martin was able to draw up a number of practical measures for us to implement on the farm that didn’t cost us a fortune. He left the farm with us feeling optimistic. With his advice taken on board, things turned around very quickly and we have had 3 very successful seasons since.

Bruce Thompson

300 spring calving cows in Co. Laois.

I asked Martin to come to the farm and set up our calf management protocols with everyone working here. We had a session with all five of us to get the right flow of work from the calving area right through the system. After a successful spring, we had another session to review the system and improve on what we had done. Everyone buys into the improved system of calf rearing as Martin is excellent to engage with all involved. Also, Martin is great to help solve problems that may occur during the calving period. Martin keeps things simple, easy to do, and practical.

John Kingston

300 Spring calving cows, Co. Cork.

As Principal of Gurteen College, I first met Martin over 10 years ago. The college had a cell count problem amongst the dairy cows and he was instrumental in putting protocols in place to solve this. With the approach of the abolition of quotas, he was part of a team that produced a dairy strategic plan for the college. This involved significant changes inbreeding and the switch to purely spring calving. Once the trustees of the college approved funding Martin chaired the dairy committee and took a lead role in designing a new parlor and cubicle house. He also negotiated with manufacturers and builders on behalf of the college to get the best possible deals. Martin is a highly knowledgeable person and has been a great asset to the college over many years.

Mike Pearson

Principal Gurteen Agricultural College 2001-2020

We consider Martin a great resource for our team.

He has helped us raise and maintain high standards for our farm with increased production, fertility and calf health as a result.

His experience and understanding of cows and people continue to help us progress as modern dairy farmers.


Martin & Jonna Grieff

800 cows, Rosdala, Sweden

We have been working closely with Martin for quite a few years now and it has been of great value for both us as a team and for our customers.

The value that Martin brings us is unique because it comes in many layers; it’s about deep and updated knowledge about cows, as well as feeding, environment, and management on dairy herds.

Also, Martin is a big contributor for us as a company in staff training and support, together with that he is a very good partner in outlining future strategies with balanced and well thought through ideas that helps us to develop in a sound and healthy way.

Jan Ove Brink

CEO, JOBrink Sweden

Martin carried out three Cow Signals Workshops on my farm as a training exercise for Cainthus, an agtech company. I benefited from both the experience and Martin’s hands-on knowledge of cow environments and herd health; we tackled a rising cell count issue and solved an underlying lameness problem with simple and practical solutions. We are always striving to improve

Jim Muhall

Danville Holsteins, Kilkenny, Ireland, 200 cows, 3 milking robots.

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