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Expertise to Help Balance Farm Systems

Helping Farmers – Farm Assessment & Action Plans

Knowing the ‘Real Problem’

Cow health problems always cause distress. They affect the welfare of your herd, your profit and your working life. Recognising where the problems begin, is the first step to solving them. Martin helps to get to the root of the problems using a proven method so an effective solution can then be found.

How Martin can Help?

Your farm and herd health status is properly assessed by gathering evidence from your cows, your management system and farm data. A practical action plan can then be created that’s right for you and your farm.

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Martin Kavanagh is a qualified veterinarian, Cow Signals® trainer and dairy herd health consultant.

His expertise at farm level is in herd health problem solving; cow nutrition, particularly dry and transition cow management, calf health, infectious disease management, lameness management, fertility investigation and somatic cell count control. Read More »

“Martin helped us solve a chronic problem with SCC in the herd. He worked with us for 2 years and we have increased production and now we have also looked at our disease status and calf rearing.”Wray Platt & Richard Hamilton, Tipperary Ireland.

How We Find a Solution

The solution is always based on evidence that is found within your farm system, and Martin has developed a simple process to help.

  1. Access and examine your current production and health data
  2. Properly assess your farm and herd health status – this involves a visit, walking the farm system and taking time to talk and listen to you
  3. Data and farm results analysis
  4. Clarify your priorities – for this week, this month, this year
  5. Agree realistic and measureable targets (objectives)
  6. Agree an action plan – who needs to do what and when – facilitate other services –vet, feed techs, machine techs, grazing advisers, nutritionists etc.
  7. Monitor progress – check back in with you according to an agreed schedule

Using this system he can monitor performance, see where effort and investment can bring most reward quickly. Also you can monitor progress. If there is no problem, performance can be monitored to ensure it stays that way.


You will be charged for the Discussion pre visit, an on farm assessment (typically 4 or 5 hours on site and 1 day data analysis) and program development, depending on your farm size and 2 months of phone and report support. Service fee + VAT @ 13.5%.

Plus travel expenses from Dublin airport (car & plane) (however Martin usually visits 3 or 4 farms in an area on one trip so the travel costs are just portioned out if not in Ireland).

Results You Can Expect

Martin will help you see what needs to be improved on your farm and help you see how to fix it. He will help you set an action plan that you think is achievable. When you implement the agreed plan you will see results. Martin helps to set a schedule for reviews after 1, 2 and 3 months to see how things are progressing. If there are any problems he is on hand to help. All targets are monitored closely to ensure success.

Examples of results achieved

  • Reduction in calf mortality to under 5%.
  • Improvement in cow submission rates to >80%.
  • Reduction in cell count over a 2 year period from 450,000 to < 200,000
  • Reduction in disease around calving by 60%.
  • Improvement in herd feed efficiency of 10%.

Book a Farm Assessment

Martin is currently focused on serving farmers in UK, Northern Ireland, Sweden and Ireland only, though plans to expand to other countries in 2014. Please note 20% of fees are required as booking deposit. 30% of fees at farm visit. Balance of fees and travel expenses due 60 days after farm visit.

Money Back Guarantee

Martin is committed to results. If, for any reason, after 3 months, you are not happy with the value delivered, your service fee will be returned, in full.

Helping Farmers

By using tried and tested farm assessment and tailored action plans, Martin helps farmers to better understand farming balance to maximize output and profit.

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Agri Companies

Martin has two decades of experience helping agri-businesses to better understand and communicate their support for balanced farming systems.

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Farmer Groups

As an independent farm systems advisor and trainer, Martin works with farmer groups, colleges, vets, government bodies and more to help them achieve their potential.

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