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Expertise to Help Balance Farm Systems


Agri-Companies and Commercial Groups – Bringing Value

Martin has an understanding of farms and farm production systems, the animals and the people.

Agri-companies find that Martins independent external perspective helps them to clarify where they sit in the farm system, where their products fit within the herd cycle, to more clearly see the value they add and also to make clearer connections with farmers. In essence his role within agri-business is to help create a common language between farmer and corporate.

Types of roles

For corporate clients, Martin has either been engaged directly in technical training and development of service staff or has worked at a strategic level in the development of products and service. Martin communicates & presents animal health and management concepts to wide and varied audiences.

Corporate Engagements include:

JOBrink , Sweden:

Working with the JOBrink Nutrition team, providing herd health consultancy and support. Specialising in managing disease in large herds with low antibiotic usage.

Munster Herd Health:

A herd health project that started in 2009 and now provides a service to over 1000 farmers in the Munster region. The program is run by Munster AI and Farm services. Martin’s role is to consult on a one to one basis with participating farmers using the bulk milk tank test results as a guide to the next steps on disease prevention and management. Martin works with a minimum of 250 farmers each year.

Tipperary Coop:

Provision of consultancy services and support for the Farm Advisory service in Tipperary Coop. Managing the Mastitis Control Programme, facilitating discussion groups.


Provision of  workshops for practising vets on Cow Signals and veterinary consultancy. Presentations for farm and vet groups North and South of Ireland. Troubleshooting and planning Calf systems.

XL Vets Skillnets:

Providing workshops on Calf Health and management. Also, Cow Signals training for grazing and indoor herds.


Provision of strategic consultancy and technical training to the Glanbia agri-business division. Cow Signals workshops for the agri-business representatives to teach farm diagnostics and farmer communication.

Centenary Co-op:

Herd problem solving and consulting role. Technical presentations for farmers.

Alltech/Keenan Systems:

Presenter at Alltech sponsored symposia in Europe & China. Providing consultancy support to Key accounts. Training for Nutrition and sales personnel.

Lely Ireland:

Providing consultancy, troubleshooting, and training services to Lely AMS customers in both North and South of Ireland.

Volac Ireland:

Providing troubleshooting, technical and consultancy support for Volac customers in Ireland.

Helping Farmers

By using tried and tested farm assessment and tailored action plans, Martin helps farmers to better understand farming balance to maximize output and profit.

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Agri Companies

Martin has two decades of experience helping agri-businesses to better understand and communicate their support for balanced farming systems.

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Farmer Groups

As an independent farm systems advisor and trainer, Martin works with farmer groups, colleges, vets, government bodies and more to help them achieve their potential.

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